Presa Multipla

Presa Multipla is a platform where knowledge converges, then spread in a continuous passage of artistic, cultural, and philosophical energy.

A space in which the artists converse and activate conversions. Its platform is at their disposal, to be a link to creating and enhancing individual projects in a horizontal curatorial perspective.

The relationships, the reactions, the perspectives that have arisen are the purpose of what is intended to be a continuous circuit of ideas, to always create new ones, anything but fixed, changing, discussed and questionable.

I was asked to design a powerful logo along with the identity, in which the artistic gesture is clear, and incorporate in a non-figurative way the “socket” element.  I came out with an abstract “electronic circuit” visual concept, recalling both the circuit of artistic ideas and the socket element.  I then designed an orbiting conglomerate of colorful lettering, extruding the Helvetica font in Cinema4D, suggesting the cooperation of artistic identities in a circuit.

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