a film by
Marco Alma
starring Ambra Occhipinti and Marco Alma

Costume and Concept by Ambra Occhipinti
Direction and Editing by Marco Ama
Music by Blear Moon
Drone and steadicam operator Pietro Vassallo
The stage: “Il Grande Cretto”, Gibellina, Trapani, Italy.

“Il Grande Cretto” is a stunning piece of land art realized by Alberto Burri, rising from the rubble of what was once the Sicilian town of Gibellina Vecchia. The historic center of Gibellina was destroyed in an earthquake in 1968, killing 200 and leaving over 98,000 homeless. Over the years that followed, a new city, Nuova Gibellina, was constructed more than 20 km from its previous location, where the mayor called upon numerous architects and artists to help with reconstruction efforts. Among these creatives was Alberto Burri.

“The Cretto is a place for narration and knowledge where life once flourished, now conserving its memory: what was once a tabernacle of death, today welcomes a monument generating life”


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