Marco Alma

Marco Alma

Eclectic young creative from south Italy, focused on dance and graphics arts.

Big fanatic of geometric abstraction. Self-taught dancer since 2010, specialising in Tutting, improvisational style belonging to Popping discipline, born in California in the 80’s Hip Hop context. He focuses on visual art in 2013, working mostly with representation of dance through the screen. In 2016 he graduates at Academy of Fine Arts of Catania, studies that led him to acquire a strong command of the methods and the techniques in the field of artistic research aimed at the use of new communication technologies. Since 2016 he works as freelance designer, by alternating graphic design and video production skills.
During 2017 he devotes himself to traveling, doing lot of voluntary work experiences, with the aim of getting out of comfort zone, find himself and learn from differents cultures. The destinations includes countries such us UK, Canada and USA. Meanwhile he dedicates himself to the creation of personal projects and he studies for increase his skills, realizing his first motion design works.

Accadmia Di Belle Arti di Catania
BFA New Art Technologies
2013 – 2016

Italian (Native)
English (Fluent)
French (Beginner)

Design Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effect, Design for Print & Digital, Branding & Identity, Illustration, Visual Communication, Video Design, Motion Graphic Design,  Direction, Idea Development, Low-budget creative solutions

Dance Skills
Electrodance, Tutting, Contemporary, Floorwork, Capoeira, Improvisation, Experimental, Tanz Theater