Hello, my name is Marco Alma, I’m a dancer, geometer-artist, digital artist, and designer from Italy, active in the urban and experimental dance scene. I’ve worked in the design industry for the past few years.

I’m specialized in TUTTING dance, a street dance style based on angular movements which are supposed to stylize the poses seen on reliefs in the art of ancient Egypt, and refers to “King Tut”

The core of my work is the manifestation of the geometry of nature and cosmos.
My mission is to represent cosmic harmony through visual languages, from dance to isometric art, to collage art to abstract art, to animation etc..

Geometry is the governing principle of our earthly world as well as the wider cosmos. Is the first language of God. The divine wisdom, the knowledge of number, becomes manifest through geometry.

My performative work orbits around the mind-body connection in a world where we need more than ever to understand the importance of the present moment as we experience it in the body.
My mission is to bring the values of performance art within the crypto world. The Body will soon have no value anymore in its real state. Therefore I want to preserve in eternal life the communicative message of the human body.

I’ve participated in tons of Dance Battles all around Europe in the last 6 years, and few ones in California. An active member of the hip hop Experimental Dance community, pushing the boundaries of dance.

based in Sicily, Italy.

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